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I need to be able to specify the schema that I want to access in SAS. I have used a connection string with the following schema=?? but SAS will not let me select or print the contents of any object in the named schema. Has anyone been able to write a PROC SQL statement selecting objects in a schema other than dbo?

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For some connection options the schema is case sensative. Check that first. –  RWill Aug 31 '11 at 22:54
It may be persisting permissions too. Also, try using pass-through to confirm you can do what you're wanting to do. –  sasfrog Sep 1 '11 at 0:09

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SAS does not use fully quallified names from the SQL server but you can direct SAS to a specific schema. The following is an example that uses a libname as connection to a 2008 SQL Server.

proc print data=myDBconn.v_Lots (SCHEMA=SAS);

proc print data=myDBconn.Drugs (SCHEMA=Pharmacy);
   where _drug_id=1;

proc sql;
   create table myTest.drugs as ;
   (SELECT * FROM myDbconn.drugs (SCHEMA=Pharmacy));
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