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I'm trying to call a jquery click function on a table header to sort it with the sortable plugin.


This code is usually scheduled to work a few milliseconds after document ready because otherwise it wouldn't work. I was checking it on Firefox and all good. Then Chrome and nothing, Safari doesn't get it as well. I have checked IE and Opera and it does work well.

I tried it through the console in Chrome and it doesn't work either. Any idea what i could be missing? If you need extra details please ask.

<table title="Clasificaciones" summary="" class="leaguemanager standingstable sortable">
          <th class="logo num">&nbsp;</th>
          <th id="orderby">GC</th>
        <tr class="alternate ascend">
          <td class="logo"><img title="Logo" alt="Logo" src="#"></td>
          <td><a href="#">Cruz Azul</a></td>
          <td class="num">7</td>
          <td class="num">4</td>
          <td class="num">3</td>

The above JS is all that is called.

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If there aren't any JS errors, then we'll probably have to see the HTML and JS. More context. –  sdleihssirhc Aug 31 '11 at 19:29
Need to see more to be able to investigate. What does the targeted markup look like and can you provide a larger code context for your event trigger? –  kinakuta Aug 31 '11 at 19:30
Yeah, i just added the target HTML. –  Unckmania Aug 31 '11 at 19:40
Why exactly are you scheduling the code to run a few milliseconds after document.ready? –  Artyom Sep 1 '11 at 15:57

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It the table header you are referring to a <thead> ? It's possible that Chrome doesn't handles click events on theads.

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Mmmm i wouldn't know. I can click it manually just fine. –  Unckmania Aug 31 '11 at 19:43

As far as I understand you are trying to simulate a click event on the table header. click() does not do this - this method is used for defining a click handler function.

Try using this code instead to simulate a click event on your table header:

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he said it works on other browsers except chrome.. also click api:api.jquery.com/click : Bind an event handler to the "click" JavaScript event, or trigger that event on an element. –  Baz1nga Aug 31 '11 at 20:36
I ttried it anyway, but it didn't work. –  Unckmania Sep 1 '11 at 15:39

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