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Like the title says, i have problems with getting the text from a EditText.

My app crashes when reads this line :

String value = aux.getText().toString();, probably because aux.getText() is null still i have setText("lol"), at this method

 public boolean onOptionsItemSelected(MenuItem item) {  
    switch (item.getItemId()) {  
    case R.id.adicionar:  
        //Toast.makeText(this, "This is the Toast message", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();
        final AlertDialog.Builder alert = new AlertDialog.Builder(this);
        final EditText input = new EditText(this);

         LayoutInflater layoutInflater = (LayoutInflater) this.getSystemService(Context.LAYOUT_INFLATER_SERVICE);
         LinearLayout dialerLayout = (LinearLayout) layoutInflater.inflate(R.layout.input, null);
         LinearLayout.LayoutParams params = new LinearLayout.LayoutParams(LinearLayout.LayoutParams.FILL_PARENT, LinearLayout.LayoutParams.FILL_PARENT);


        alert.setPositiveButton("Adicionar", new DialogInterface.OnClickListener() {
            public void onClick(DialogInterface dialog, int whichButton) {

                aux = (EditText)findViewById(R.id.cadeira);
                String value = aux.getText().toString();
                //String value2="TESTE";




                new DialogInterface.OnClickListener() {
                    public void onClick(DialogInterface dialog, int whichButton) {

    return true;  
    default: return super.onOptionsItemSelected(item);  
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Probably the "aux" is null.

As I suppose from your code the "cadeira" EditText is in the LinearLayout that you inflate. But when you execute "findViewByById" it searches the main layout. Thus you should try:

aux = (EditText) dialerLayout.findViewById(R.id.cadeira);
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It worked for you? –  Dimitris Makris Aug 31 '11 at 19:46
Exactly, the problem was that! Very Thanks! –  unpix Aug 31 '11 at 19:48
Glad to helped you! –  Dimitris Makris Aug 31 '11 at 19:51

This might be because of the .toString()! The result of the getText() will be a string already so the toString() might cause it to crash.

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if i leave .toString() the result of aux.getText() is a Editable object, instead of a String. –  unpix Aug 31 '11 at 19:42
that is strange as I've always thought of getText() as returning a string. hmm. Then i'm not sure really, sorry. –  ruhatch Aug 31 '11 at 19:46
No problem! Look up, is the answer! –  unpix Aug 31 '11 at 19:51
@ruhatch: Calling the toString() method on a non-null String just returns itself, nothing can crash here. –  Gabriel Negut Aug 31 '11 at 19:51

there might be human error with declaring or initializing "aux", though you haven't shown the exactly error log wording, if you can detail it more, this will fix the prob faster.

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