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Is there a way to automate the find and replace function for MS Access?

I've got a lot of data I need to obscure (names and addresses), in a non-reversible way. It's going to an outside contractor that can't see the information (no NDA, etc. will do). But otherwise, I want the data to look as real as possible.

My plan right now is to do a find-n-replace on each character a-z and replace it with a random character. I recognise that chances are, I'll likely end up mapping two or more characters to the same value (which is not a bad thing in my books).

Ideally I'd like to have some kind of function that looks something like:

autoFindNReplace ("table name", "field name", _
                    "search char", random_alpha_generator(), _

And then I can run loop that on each field on each table that I have obscure.

My alternate methods are to:

  • walk each table and obscure each field individually.
  • try to come up with some sql statement that will do the same as the mythical autoFindNReplace I describe above.
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You can just write a quick hash function in a VBA module and call it from a SQL Update query. Here's an example with table "Table1", and the field "address". The hashField code was taken from here.

Sub MaskAddress()
    'Change 1234 to whatever key you'd like.
    DoCmd.RunSQL "UPDATE Table1 SET address = hashField(address, 1234)"
End Sub

Public Function hashField(strIn As String, lngKey As Long) as String
    Dim i As Integer
    Dim strchr As String

    For i = 1 To Len(strIn)
        strchr = strchr & CStr(Asc(Mid(strIn, i, 1)) Xor lngKey)
    Next i
    hashField = strchr
End Function
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...and then you could write code to write SQL statements so you could do it in an automated fashion on multiple tables/fields. – David-W-Fenton Sep 1 '11 at 23:10
I considered your suggestion, but I wanted to keep things looking sort-of real. i.e., "123 Fake Street" becomes -> "373 jdsi ndgadf" because there's going to be some parsing of the data going on. Thanks though +1 – BIBD Sep 2 '11 at 14:39
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Here was my solution:

Sub autoFindAndReplace(TableName As String, _
                    FieldName As String, _
                    Search As String, _
                    Replace As String)

Dim UpdateString As String

    UpdateString = ("update " & TableName & _
                        " set " & FieldName & _
                            " = replace (" & FieldName & ", " & _
                            """" & Search & """, """ & Replace & """)")

    CurrentDb.Execute (UpdateString)

End Sub

Then I loop on autoFindAndReplace with my random character generator, once for alphas and once for numerics.

Yes, I could have done it with multiple Update statements - however, I had a lot of tables and fields to deal with, and this made it look cleaner.

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