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I have to following functions:

public enum class SetMinMaxMode
    Auto, // min and max is set based on the channel data

generic<typename T> where T : System::ValueType
void SetData(array<T>^ data)
    SetData(data, SetMinMaxMode::Auto, Double::MinValue, Double::MaxValue);

generic<typename T> where T : System::ValueType
void SetData(array<T>^ data, SetMinMaxMode minMaxMode, Double minValue, Double maxValue)

The parameter minValue and maxValue is only used when parameter minMaxMode is SetMinMaxMode::Manual.

If someone writes function like this:

SetData(data, SetMinMaxMode::Auto, desiredMinValue, desiredMaxValue);  

Then he might not know that the last two parameters are not going to be used.

My questions is, is there any way to refactor so that someone will never need to supply unnecessary parameters?

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You could write a function that doesn't take SetMinMaxMode at all.


so you either call the one with min/max or you call the one with auto.

Your other function would be:

SetDataManual(data, min, max);
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Yes, using different function name would be a solution. But if you think how to implement those two functions, there still needs a "expanded" function taking all the parameters, like SetDataCore(data, mode, min, max). –  AZ. Aug 31 '11 at 20:14
SetDataAuto can just call SetDataManual with the two additional parameters. SetDataAuto(Data){ SetDataManual(data, 1, 2); } –  mydogisbox Aug 31 '11 at 20:18
sorry there might be a confusion here. SetDataAuto will calc the min and max based on the data, the calculated min and max is only known at run time. I guess I could do something like SetDataAuto(data) { double min, max; FindMinMax(data, min, max); SetDataManual(data, min, max); }. But what if I really want to have a core function that takes all the parameters? –  AZ. Aug 31 '11 at 21:23
That's exactly what I meant for SetDataAuto. In this case the core function is already SetDataManual. SetDataAuto is simply a wrapper for it. –  mydogisbox Aug 31 '11 at 21:58

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