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How can I determine the element is using css height or css max-height?

for instance, I have these two elements,

<div style="height:100px">fixed</div>
<div style="max-height:100px">max-height</div>

I want to change their height/ max-height to 100% when a button is clicked.


This will only change the first element not the second one.

I was thinking to use if condition to check:

if( use height ) $('div').height('100%').height();
else  $('div').css({maxHeight:'100%'}).height();

But I don't know how to check... any ideas? or you may have a better idea than mine?

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You can use something like the below code to set both of them at once.

$('#div').css({height: "100%", maxHeight:"100%"});

Hope this is useful!!

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thank you! this has fixed my problem! thanks! – teelou Aug 31 '11 at 21:27
i just clicked it as my answer. thanks :) – teelou Aug 31 '11 at 22:17

I believe you can just test .css('maxHeight').

// Returns 'none'

// Returns '32px'
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Using $('div').css('max-height') will give you either the set value or undefined or 'none' as the case may be.

Same goes for 'height' or any other css property.

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