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I want if empty between tag ul alert hello. how is it?

<button class="click">Click</button><p>



$('.click').click(function() {
    if('span ul' == ''){alert('hello')};

EXAMPLE: http://jsfiddle.net/KDAwP/1/

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Try this using jQuery :empty selector which selects empty elements. An empty element is an element without child elements or text.

$('.click').click(function() {

jQuery is not finding ul inside a span tag. Actually you should not have ul inside a span tag.

Try this fiddle it works perfectly fine.


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@genesis - Yes, $("span ul") is not giving anything. Try this jsfiddle.net/KDAwP/6 –  ShankarSangoli Aug 31 '11 at 21:27
+1 for introducing me to the :empty selector. =) –  David Thomas Aug 31 '11 at 21:37
Only issue here is :empty is slower than doing 'ul li' –  epascarello Aug 31 '11 at 21:50


$('.click').click(function() {
    $('div ul').each(function(){
        if(this.innerHTML == ''){ 
            return false;

You cannot have a ul inside of a span

Fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/Nxk7a/

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Tests on the solutions here: jsperf

Another solution which is faster than :empty is:

var isEmpty = jQuery("#foo ul li").length === 0;

But the interesting thing is if you have an id on the ul in question, using the html() is fastest.

var isEmpty = jQuery("#UL_ID").html().length === 0;

So the quickest way really depends on what the selector is.

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