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currently have this code to move the "player" object towards where a click is registered.

The code makes the player move FASTER the FURTHER away it is from the event. I do not want, it should be "reluctant" to move far. but will move faster when closer to the click event.


player = the object to move

setLinearVelocity = how the speed shall be set. read doc here

distancex = distance away from the touch event on the x axis

distancey = distance away from the touch event on the y axis

the 10 was used to slow things down.

level = a value ranging from -10 to 10. the higher the value, the faster/less reluctent the player is to move.

specific code:

player:setLinearVelocity((distancex/10)*level, (distancey/10)*level)

Just thought, having the full code is probably helpful.

full code:

function checkpress(event)
    eventx = event.x
    eventy = event.y

 if event.phase == "began" then
        touch = true

    elseif event.phase == "ended" then
        touch = false

    level = 5

function move()
    if touch == true then
        distancex = eventx - player.x
        distancey = eventy - player.y
    player:setLinearVelocity((distancex/10)*level, (distancey/10)*level)
        vx, vy = player:getLinearVelocity()

Runtime:addEventListener("touch", checkpress)
Runtime:addEventListener("enterFrame", move)

How can I make it slow when further away? I have trouble with logic :(

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Find the distance between event and player. Then divide speed by distance. The further a way the slower the movement.

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I am away from my files at the moment (on phone) but wouldn't that cause the x and y values to be completed at different times? It would not look so polished. –  andrew Aug 31 '11 at 23:01
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