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My Website > Site URL was "www.mysitedomain.com" and my Basic Info > App domain was "mysitedomain.com" and everything was working as expected.

Just recently Facebook rolled out a new version of the app settings page.

After the new version, I modified my Basic Info > App domain for testing purposes. When I tried to revert it back to "mysitedomain.com" it complained saying "mysitedomain.com must be derived from your Site URL" (see picture).

Facebook app setings bug

Does anyone know if this is indeed a bug? If not, did the meaning of this two settings changed and I am missing something?

EDIT: I need my App Domain to be mysitedomain.com. So the question would be what do I need to put on Site URL.

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No it is not a bug. Your website Site URL (the input at the very bottom) in the screenshot is www.mysitedomain.com.

So that would mean that your App Domain should be some subdomain or derivative of www.mysitedomain.com, which mysitedomain.com is not.

For example, you would need to have site.www.mysitedomain.com to be valid.

To fix it, just remove the www. from your Site URL.

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Using "mysitedomain.com" as my site URL and adding a subdomain on App Domain does not work. Anyways, I need my top-level domain to be the App Domain – Lombo Aug 31 '11 at 22:15
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Eventually it fixed by itself, seems there was an issue with FB. I already voted to close the question as too localized.

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