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I am a newbie to html5 and i was trying to include a UDP stream(UDPaddress:port) within the video tag. Is this possible. If so how can we do this?

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Short answer: No, browsers generally don't support UDP.

Long answer: The chapter on the video element in the standards states that the src attribute must contain valid non-empty URL potentially surrounded by spaces, which in effect means that it must contain an URI or IRI. While there is nothing in these specs that say UDP is unsupported (page 22 of the URI RFC explicitly says the URI scheme should contain information on this), and while certain software such as VLC support the udp:// URI scheme, I don't know of any browser supporting this.

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There's no such thing as a "UDP address". UDP is a thin layer on top of the IP protocol that basically adds the notion of "ports", which the IP protocol doesn't have. As such, a "UDP address" is an IP address + port. E.g.

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What exactly that has to do with HTML5 and video streams I don't know, but maybe this clears up your understanding enough to help you. –  deceze Sep 1 '11 at 0:00

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