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For some reason, in my function make_feed_preference, the @user.feed_preference never changes, even if I hard code it to @user.feed_preference = "foobar" but it looks like redirect_to 'posts' is working fine.

The bug is that the feed_preference is always nil even after the link_to is pressed, so the (if feed_preference == nil) is always true. I still don't know what's causing this.

make_feed_preference is stored in the users_controller. What it does is shows a news feed, but sorted according to a preference value (e.g., "time", "trending_value", "followers")

<%= link_to displayIcon(1), {:action => :make_feed_preference, :id => current_user.id, :preference => "trending value",  :controller => "users"}, :method => :post %>

def make_feed_preference
  @user = User.find(params[:id])
  @user.feed_preference = params[:preference]


  redirect_to '/posts'

Note: i fixed it by attaching a new class to the users.

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I would be using a conditional here:

redirect_to '/posts', :notice => if @user.save
    'You have updated your feed preference.'
    'Your input was invalid.'

You'll find that the @user validations are probably failing.

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