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i was doing some security auditing using SSLSTRIP and the client had their password saved in a cookie, which got me thinking. So I on my account logged into YouTube and grabbed the LOGIN INFO cookie. For the benefit of my privacy i have censored part of the contents, just know that * represents one censored number. This was the contents: decee*****d0200a8c3f**f1bd2dea**c40AAAB7IjEiOiAxLCAiMyI*IDY0MDYzMjY0MywgIjIiOiAiSjVRRFdmUDR5ZFA1VjZZZHVvNUlldz**IiwgIjUiOiA*NTAzNjAxNzY2NDY1NTM2LCAiNCI6ICJHQUlBIiwgIjciOiAxMzE0ODM1MjI5LCAiNiI6IGZhbHNlLCAiOCI6IDI5NzEwMTU4Njg1N** I was wondering what type of hash this is, and if it is possible to decrypt? Just some plain old curiosity here, thanks for any replies or thoughts!

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Youtube does not store user credentials in a cookie, that "hash" is probably just a random string used as session id, so there is no way you could "decrypt" the username/password from that string.

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ahhhh, thank you! – Matthew Downey Sep 2 '11 at 5:15

Cookies should never be used for storing any login credentials. That cookie probably contains some session information that is checked on server side.

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ahhhh, thank you! – Matthew Downey Sep 2 '11 at 5:15

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