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I've been using John resigs neat micro templating javascript on a project I'm working on. The project pulls down a JSOn object and spits out a table with a bunch of input fields like so: enter image description here

This works ok, however in IE it's slow and locks up the browser for a bit. Works great in Chrome though.

I've looked around the net, and have found a few articles on various templating engines, but they are all getting a bit old now, Jquery templates is a bit new, so I'm wondering, has anyone noticed any performance differences between those and resigs engine? Is it worth me swapping? Or should I give up on JS based templating and just generate server side..?

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I haven't used the micro engine, but I've used jQuery templates a fair bit and I haven't noticed any serious performance issues. – Michael Mior Sep 1 '11 at 2:01

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IE, especially the older versions, is slow. If you are noticing a delay then I guess you are dealing with hundreds of objects. I don't think it likely that there is a big enough performance difference between the various templating libraries to provide a solution. Having said that, jquery templates do allow you to compile your templates, which may help.

I don't know about the relative performance but underscore.js also has a simple templating feature if you don't need anything complicated.

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