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is there any c++ compiler i can put on a usb or external harddrive and use it on any other computer? the school computjers in my library dont have an ide... or a compiler installed...

P.S the school computers are very tight on securty. i cant even download things from the internet, no websites like facebook, so can i install it on one of the computers? or can i just run it as the actual executable file and run it straight from my usb?

there are several computers with windows 7, and 3 imacs

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I'd try Eclipse. And if it doesn't work straight away, try one of those USB-stick program-hosting softwares like U3 (it comes on some Sandisk thumb drives).

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+1 for Eclipse, it's portable and doesn't need an installer. Of course you'd have to include the appropriate JDKs on your USB stick as well. –  Nate C-K Sep 1 '11 at 2:55

Code::Blocks can easily be made portable by setting custom environment variables, described here

At the back-end, C::B can use mingw, which doesn't require any specific install information other than a few environment variables. (namely PATH). These can be set temporarily using SET PATH=%PATH%;./mingw/, which should be possible without elevated privileges.

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You might try some of the tools at portableapps.com. They're a group that modifies open source software to run off of USB sticks. I've used their versions of Notepad++, Gimp, and Filezilla for years.

In particular, maybe look at they're development tools: http://portableapps.com/apps/development

It looks like they even have some programs to make other apps portable as well, which you might try with Eclipse, as John suggested. (I think Eclipse may also just run off a USB stick without any modification.)

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Dev-C++ might be a good choice if you only use Windows.

If you want an IDE that works in both Windows and Mac, you can choose Emacs, which is a very powerful text editor and is a part of the GNU project. But as it's only a text editor, you will need to download the C++ compiler yourself. MinGW might be a good choice in Windows. Since I have never used a Mac, I cannot give you more suggestion for the Mac environment. But as it's a Unix based system, I guess it has a C++ compiler itself.

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OSX doesn't include the compilers by default, you have to install them. You normally get gcc by installing XCode, their IDE. –  Nate C-K Sep 1 '11 at 2:52

What you're looking for is a portable c++ ide. Google gave me the following:

  1. devcpp-portable
  2. Netbeans portable config

But go through google to find more

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There is portable code blocks.

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