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This code produces every possible combination of things in an array when it works. Here is an original code that works http://www.sonyjose.in/blog/?p=62. I am getting the array from mysql instead of manually typing it, like you can see in the example. So I have to turn resource into the array but everything I try won't work. The code below was written by someone else and it produces a bunch of <br>'s on the page, but at least not a resource. Help!

$data = mysql_query('SELECT weight FROM my_table WHERE session_id = "' . session_id() . '"'); 

$params = array();
while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($data)) {     
    $params[] = $data['weight']; 

$combinations = getCombinations($params);

function getCombinations($array)

    for ($i=1; $i<$combocount; $i++) {
        $binary = str_pad(decbin($i), $length, "0", STR_PAD_LEFT);

        for($j=0; $j < $length; $j++) {
            if($binary[$j] == "1") {
                $combination .= $array[$j];

        $combinationsarray[] = $combination;
        echo $combination . "&lt;br&gt;";
    return $combinationsarray;
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After the while loop, try var_dump($params); exit; and tell us what you see – Phil Sep 1 '11 at 2:21
I got it to work! I just changed this line $params[] = $data['weight']; to say $row instead of $data. So line 6 above is now ---> $params[] = $row['weight']; – arrays_argh Sep 1 '11 at 2:34
That was a typo in my answer to your original question. It was fixed shortly after posting. – Phil Sep 1 '11 at 2:37

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