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I need to read AssemblyFileVersion of dll instead of just Version. I tried:

<Target Name="RetrieveIdentities">
    <GetAssemblyIdentity AssemblyFiles="some.dll">
    <Message Text="%(MyAssemblyIdentities.FileVersion)" />

The script runs but doesn't output anything. If I change FileVersion to Version it correctly outputs the AssemblyVersion. How do I get AssemblyFileVersion with my script?

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The MSBuild Extension Pack has a MaxAssemblyFileVersion property that may be useful.


From the documentation it doesn't look like the GetAssemblyIdentity task returns the FileVersion.

The items output by the Assemblies parameter contain item metadata entries named Version, PublicKeyToken, and Culture.

Also, see the following StackOverflow post.

Read AssemblyFileVersion from AssemblyInfo post-compile

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