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Is there any possibility to do some formatting of the commit messages from bazaar on launchpad? Something like what is in SVN+Redmine, e.g. using asterisks (*) and newlines to make lists or referencing or marking bugs fixed (like "fixes #866" and the bug with number #866 will be automatically marked fixed).

So does launchpad has this feature? If yes, where could I find some doc about it? I didn't find anything on launchpad (but maybe i didn't search enough).

Thanks for advice!

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Have a look at commit option --fixes, it allows you to specify Launchpad (and some other sites) bug numbers in a machine readable format. Run bzr help bugs to get help on this topic.

I do not know if this is integrated well on the Launchpad side currently. I have not tried this feature. It should be easy to try out though.

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I don't think it is currently available, but it should be possible to contribute this functionality to the upstream project: https://launchpad.net/loggerhead

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