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I have seen one post about hornetQ. In that they have mentioned about specJMS. I wanted to know that how I can inegrate SpecJMS with HornetQ. I wanted to make test for that. I have tried and also installed SpecJMS 2008 Set-up and also Run it but wondering to make test of hornetQ.

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You have to get a license on

Notice that SpecJMS and SpecJ are different things...

Once you download specJMS (with the proper license from, you will have to setup destinations and configure the clients.

running a small test for your own is not very complex, however ramping up and follow the rules is something that can be very time consuming.

I can help you with specific issues when you hit them. But overall you just have to follow the instructions.

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So, it means I have to configure my hornetQ consumer and producer in configuration of SpecJSM and then run it. – Anand Soni Sep 2 '11 at 10:01
Configuring HornetQ for SpecJMS will mean: I - Add the proper classpatch II - Create the destinations accordingly to your currently push level. (there's a term for that on the SpecJMS manual, I really forgot the real term). You have also to properly optimize your VM, disks.. etc. We have provided a lot of information on the blog about it. – Clebert Sep 2 '11 at 15:45

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