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I work in a software house and we use many tools for our work: bugzilla as a bug tracking, zimbra for mail, wiki for project documentation, mail, skype, google docs, svn, Yammer etc. Despite this we seem to have problems coordinating our work or communicating important things to the persons that might be interested. I was just curious about what other professional that work in a software related company use daily to do their job done and share some advice. We are looking for a tool that could satisfy more than on of our needs, to avoid to use too many tools.

Thank you very much

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Yeah, the integration (or lack thereof) is a real hassle, headache prone. Also very inefficient compared with integrated solutions that put your entire workflow/business data into one collaborative system.

I'd recommend taking a look at something like WORKetc, which puts CRM, project management (detailed, with milestones etc), billing, time tracking, knowledge bases, calendaring, ticket management, files, and other tools into one collaborative platform. It's google apps integrated as well, so you have the added benefit of docs/contacts & in-depth functionality directly from Gmail. It's a really powerful system.

You can read about it here:

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We are using!

It combines different tools: You can create different workspaces and adapt them to your needs by adding different apps, like real-time communication, file-sharing or task management. It helps us a lot to reduce the needed number of tools, because everything happens just at one place. Back in the old days we had to create tasks on yammer, communicated on skype and shared files via Dropbox.

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