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Well this question may seem odd but its simple - my point is if i have a "goto" (brtrue etc) in the decompiled code like example

br IL_0003
call *****
IL_0003: ret

and i add a command after that ** call will the br at the top point to ret like it should or to that code.

does Cecil do it by itself or i have to take care of all those branches ? :/ it wouldnt be very hard to fix them but if Cecil doesnt then i simply wont start this project, ive no time (or knowledge) for advanced IL magic :P

PS. sorry if im confusing things but im a begginer in .NET stuff ;/ i was allways repulsed by it same as Java or anything that has a VM TBH.

*(yes i know it wont be IL_0003 its just for example)*

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Yes, Cecil will update the branch for you.

The only case you have to take care of, is the case where the branch is a short form branch. If you inject too much instructions, it might overflow.

There's a very simple way to handle this. Before injecting code, simply call the extension methods SimplifyMacros from the Mono.Cecil.Rocks, like this:

method.Body.SimplifyMacros ();

This will turn the br.s into br.

And when you're done injecting code, simply call:

method.Body.OptimizeMacros ();

Which is the opposite operation, that is, it will try to turn br into br.s if possible.

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Wow, such a fast answer and from the author :) Thanks man u the best :P – n00b Sep 1 '11 at 8:48

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