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I have a website organized like this :

  • a server with all the code
  • a server with all the other ressources like files/images

At this point I managed to get the source code from subversion, build it, and then deploy it (msbuild).

The thing is, my images are not versioned. So how can I do to take the images from our dev server to our build server ? What is the best way to put it into Team City ? I think that these files re some kind of artifact but I'm not sure (I don't understand very well this notion, the title "artifact" doesn't help).

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The best way is to add your images and other resources into Subversion, then you can control their checkout as part of your deployment.

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The problem is that you're right, but I'd love to avoid that, putting images in subversion is kind of bad in my mind. I'll wait if someone has a magical solution... –  remi bourgarel Sep 1 '11 at 9:19
If the images are part of the application itself, then they should be in Subversion. Otherwise, it will be a maintenance nightmare trying to sync versions of the images with versions of your application. –  devdigital Sep 1 '11 at 9:27

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