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I am trying to find a way to check if a string contains a specific sequence of characters in JScript. In my case, I am trying to see if the string is "DPObject" followed by a number. Such as "DPObject3" or "DPObject14".

Thank you!

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if (/DPObject\d+/.test(string)) {....}
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Javascript String has an indexOf method you can use to check if a String contains a particular substring .

If you need to test for patterns , like "DPObject" followed by an integer , probably you need to use Regexes . ( )

It's javascript , or js for short - not JScript .

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Then you should use a regular expression. I think this would be something like :

var re = new RegExp("^DPObject([0-9]+)$");

This ensures there is at least only one digit after DPObject. The "^" at the beginning is to ensure the string starts with DPObject. Check references on regexps for this kind of problems :) edit: added "$" to mark the end of the string, the updated should be more "solid"

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There are a couple of ways:

  1. Use Javascripts indexOf method
  2. Use Javascript Regular Expressions
  3. Use JQuery's contains function

Regular expressions are the most powerful and elegant way of doing it. They syntax makes sense after a while (honestly). ;-)

Good luck.

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