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I have a dummy script below:

a <- 1
b <- 2
c <- 3
e <- 5

list <- letters[1:5]

for (loop in (1:length(list)))

> source('~/.active-rstudio-document')
[1] "a-1"
[1] "b-2"
[1] "c-3"
Error in get(list[loop]) : object 'd' not found

Currently I have a problem that since d is not present, so an error message pop up and block the processing of e.

I wonder if R has some kind of "error handling", that is to bypass the error due to d, keep processing e, then return the error message when all valid data are processed.


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Use exists to check whether a variable exists:

for (loop in (1:length(list))){
        paste(list[loop], get(list[loop]), sep="-"))

[1] "a-1"
[1] "b-2"
[1] "c-3"
[1] "e-5"

More generally, R has a sophisticated mechanism for catching and dealing with errors. See ?tryCatch and its simplified wrapper, ?try, for more details.

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Yes, as in most developed languages, there is such a mechanism. Check ?try.

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