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I have an html file named index.html, in which I have a header reference to javascript file(graph.js). There is a submit button on my html page. Method attribute of my form is post.

There is a list named adj_list in my graph.js. How can I get the adj_list in my python class's post method? (I don't know how to pass adj_list with url.something like below..)

<form name="graph" action="/sign?.." method="post">
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The appengine docs include getting started guides for both java and python. The tutorial shows how to handle a request form.


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Hi Brian, I am already using it, and read that carefully. But I didn't got any clue. Now I am thinking of sending the value using Jquery post method. I hope that will work! – Unni Sep 2 '11 at 10:55

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