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is it possible to find the View that is displayed at a given absolute x/y pixel coord?

Edit: I found a suitable Solution that works great:

private View findViewByCoord(float x, float y){
    TextView textView = null;
    int[] location = new int[2];
    int width = 0;
    int height = 0;
    for(int reference : cardReference){
        textView = (TextView) findViewById(reference);
        width = textView.getWidth();
        height = textView.getHeight();
        if(location[0] <= x && x <= (location[0] + width) && location[1] <= y && y <= (location[1] + height)){
            Log.i("Test", "Card " + textView.getText() + " is pointed");
            return textView;
    return null;

Where cardReference is an array of integer to Resources (in my case 20 TextViews arranged in a 4 x 5 Matrix):

int[] cardReference = new int[]{,,,,

To speed up performance i would consider to use an array of TextViews then call findViewById() in every Loop.

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One 'solution' would be to loop through the parent view's children and check the getLeft() and getTop() coordinates against the X and Y coordinates of your choice. If there is a match, you have your view.

I'd like to hear other alternatives though.

Edit: You'd also have to work out the height/width of the view too in relation to the left and top coordinates given to see if your coordinates are within that range.

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