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in my foreach loop container, I would like to delete the current processed file. I try as follows, but no file is deleted at the end, any idea??

enter image description here

Here is the property of my loop , Current processed file comes from FileNameSimu variable Here is the property of my loop

I would like to delete the current file

enter image description here

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Make sure that the value in the variable User::FileNameSimu contains the file path like C:\Folder1\SubFolder2\File.txt and not just the file name File.txt

Please note the description of the property SourceVariable on File System Task. It expects a path.

File System Path

On the Variables window, select the variable FilePath and press F4 to view the properties of the variable. Change the property EvaluateAsExpression to True and set the value @[User::Directory] + @[User::FileName] to the property Expression assuming that your variable Directory contains the folder path and the variable FileName contains the name. Make sure that the variable Directory ends with a backslash at the end like C:\temp\ and not like C:\temp. If it doesn't have a backslash at the end change your expression to @[User::Directory] + "\\" + @[User::FileName]


Or use the backslash in the expression

Variable with backslash

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thanks for the remark, you're right, my variable is only a file name.. However I have another variable which contain the path of the directory, how can I easily create a new variable Path_FileName_toDel = @[DIR]+@[FileName] ? – largo68 Sep 1 '11 at 11:04

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