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I'm building an Ext.js application, and I'm planning on using rails for the backend. I'm trying to decide whether to use Netzke, or roll my own. Is anyone using Netzke in production?

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Yes we do for a mid-size backoffice application localized in French, English and Thaï. We started with Netzke 0.6 & ExtJS3 and just finished upgrading to Netzke 0.7 & ExtJS4 (upgrading took 4 days with a little pain sometimes, but all in all it went pretty well). The development time for the application is about ~3 months with 3 junior developpers and me (got 100% test coverage + acceptance testing with Cucumber).

I've been investigating before choosing Netzke (JQuery UI, Roll-our-own UI, pure ExtJS, ...) and i'm very happy with the results (the customer too, which is much more important).

We are now happily starting another customer project with Netzke & ExtJS4.


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Yes I do. For a smaller address management solution for <100 user with each >100k addresses.

My team also builded a larger application with extjs and rails (3 man years) and we used pure extjs and rails without any pre-build library.

I wouldn't suggest netzke for bigger projects. If you build something bigger, you better build your own framework that perfectly match your needs - not more not less. For smaller projects and prototypes neztke is really great.

If you have more detailed questions, feel free to contact me.

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Netzke for admin interface very fast and rich solution. At last release with ExtJS4 it became much useful and easy to build up.

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At my company we've used it for a big internal application. We've built literally hundreds of components - a lot of them being inherited components from netzke-basepack, but we also rolled our own from the ground up.

I think as of now it's by far the best solution to RIA with rails. The creator is very helpful and managed to build a growing and helpful community around the project.

Working with it is very rewarding - once you understand the core concepts you will be very quick plugging your components together to build great and interactive web apps. It can be a bit tough to polish it later though, due to the complexity of Ext JS itself (it's a complete application framework after all) - but with growing Ext JS knowledge this wasn't an issue in our project after some time.

I suggest you give it a try - there is no alternative to use rails with Ext JS IMHO :-)

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