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Assume that i have an association mapping in Doctrine2.

How to define that i need to fetch all associated objects while querying the main one?

Practically, if i define (Main 1-* Sub) and then access all items in Sub collection, Doctine will execute a single DB request to get every one Sub object. I need to Sub objects be retrieved in a main query (JOIN).

Comments or (preferably) Doctrine RTFMs welcome )

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If you need that on constant basis (i.e. always fetch all association), declare your associations eager. Consult with Doctrine manual chapters 17-19 for details.

If you need it in just several pieces of code - use DQL for quering them (manual). This way you'll have to specify all your associations.

$query = $em->createQuery("SELECT u, a FROM User u JOIN u.address a WHERE a.city = 'Berlin'");
$users = $query->getResult();

If you are going to use that query often, it isa good idea to encapsulate it in the Entity class (simple, but not best solution), or create a Repository for an entity (a bit more involved, but it's "the right way").

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