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I use a s:Group to place my component in my form. I'd like all form item have the same horizontal align inside the group. I try to use horizontalcenter with value 0 but it doesn't work. So I don't know how to do and I hope you can help me to solve that.

<s:Group width="100%" resizeMode="noScale" verticalCenter="0" horizontalCenter="0">

                        <s:FormItem label="Naissance" tabIndex="5" x="{cbQualite.x}" id="fiNaissance">
                            <mx:DateField id="dfNaissance" width="100" editable="true" 
                                          formatString="DD/MM/YYYY" yearNavigationEnabled="true"
                        <s:RadioButton id="rbFem" label="Féminin" group="{rbsex}" tabIndex="7" 
                                       x="{fiNaissance.x + fiNaissance.width+5}" 

                        <s:RadioButton id="rbMas" label="Masculin" group="{rbsex}" tabIndex="6" x="{rbFem.width + rbFem.x + 5}" y="{fiNaissance.y +(fiNaissance.height)/2}"/>
                        <s:DropDownList id="cbDossier2" dataProvider="{DP_PAT_DOS1}" width="118" height="22" tabIndex="8" x="{cbDossier1.x}"/>
                        <s:FormItem label="" tabIndex="9" x="{fiDossier1.x}" >
                            <s:TextInput id="fDossier2" width="90" paddingRight="5" text="@{objectPatient.paDossier2}" />

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your content does not have a clear vision, please edit if u have the screen shot add in it. then it might be clear. –  Exhausted Sep 1 '11 at 11:26

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Put all parts of the forms inside FormItems, and put all the FormItems inside a Form.

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With your answer, all works well. Thanks a lot –  Flex60460 Sep 1 '11 at 14:41
You're welcome :) –  Amy Blankenship Sep 1 '11 at 21:11

What do you mean by same horizontal align ?

If you want elements inside Group to be centered horizontally you must put horizontalCenter="0" not on the parent but on each child.

Furthermore it is a mistake to specify width="100%" and horizontalCenter="0" both on Group. width="100%" indicates your Group will take all horizontal space in the parent container if the parent container layout support it. Your Group will automatically be centered.

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I'd like that all my component have their horizontal center on the same y position. Thanks –  Flex60460 Sep 1 '11 at 14:43

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