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Ok, let's say i'm a big newby on drupal, and that i want to load a theme (which actually should be enabled, and displaying - currently not). And that i don't have access to the admin part of the install (old site, etc… don't ask why).

Looking for someone to specify me the files to change in order to make this theme work. Thanks

(We could talk about clearing the cache "manually" too… hate sometimes those all-in-the-admin stuffs, but well…)

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To enable a theme 'manually' you'll need to visit the system table in your database and set the status column to 1 for the record with a type of 'theme' and a name matching the theme you want to enable.

Manually flushing caches is as simple as running a DELETE FROM table for all tables whose name begins with cache (e.g. cache, cache_block, cache_content, etc.).

None of what you're trying to find is located in files, almost all of Drupal's config is held in the database (those in settings.php excluded).

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very accurate; thanks a lot. – Ben Sep 3 '11 at 9:46

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