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export HISTIGNORE="&:[bf]g:exit:mc:htop:top:clear:reset:histoty *:df *:du *:kill *:pkill *:pushd *:popd:bash *:yaourt *:pacman *:upd"

All what i want is to keep these commands in history for current bash session and to ignore them in subsequent sessions. Other commands (not in the HISTIGNORE) should be in .bash_history file. Example (pushd in $HISTIGNORE, cd not)

pushd /home/
(Ctrl-R)push(Enter) -> pushd /home
cd /usr/src
(Ctrl-R)push(Enter) -> (Anything but pushd)
(Ctrl-R)cd(Enter) -> cd /usr/src

Is there any solutions for these problem?

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While this question doesn't belong here, I'll suggest setting export HISTFILESIZE=0 to get the session-only effect you're looking for. –  Amardeep Sep 1 '11 at 10:37
export HISTFILE= –  arnaud576875 Sep 1 '11 at 10:53

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Simple solution is to just set the HISTIGNORE to nothing for the current session at the beginning,

export HISTIGNORE=""

and then set it back again for other session by adding it to .bashrcfile

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