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I want to get the text from a string after the occurrence of a specific character.

Lets say: texttexttext#abc And I want to get abc

How is this done in jquery? (This might be trivial to somebody, but I have little exp in jQuery)

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you could do:

var text =  'texttexttext#abc';
var abc = text.substring(text.indexOf('#') +1);
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You don't need to use jQuery for this. Simple javascript is fine.

In this case:

var text = 'texttexttext#abc';
var textAfterHash = text.split('#')[1];


var textAfterHash = text.substring(text.indexOf('#') + 1);

JSFiddle Example of both

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Contrary to popular belief, jQuery isn't needed in every situation ;)


var x = 'texttexttext#abc';
var y = x.substring(x.indexOf('#') + 1);
alert(y); //abc
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