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I have a SPList which is audience aware and I need to parse it's audiences from a SPListItem.

string Audiences;

public Class1(SPListItem item)
  this.Audiences = item[FieldId.AudienceTargeting] as string;

I've come to this so far. I've been searching how to parse each audience from the item but I couldn't find much help.

Does someone know to do that?

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I think the proper way to retrieve Audience Targeting contents from the List is to do the following.

string audString = item[fieldId.AudienceTargeting] as string;
string[] audienceIds;
string[] distinguishedNames;
string[] spGroups;
AudienceManager manager = new AudienceManager();
AudienceManager.GetAudienceIDsFromText(audienceAsText, out audienceIds, out distinguishedNames, out spGroups);
var namesList = manager.GetAudienceNames(new ArrayList(globalAudienceID.Select(id => new Guid(id)).ToList()));

This way if the format of the string changes, the change in api in GetAudiencEIDsFromText will evolve accordingly.

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from this artical it should be like this

public Class1(SPListItem item)
     string ID = item[FieldId.AudienceTargeting] as string;
     string NewID = ID.Remove(36);
     Guid guid = new Guid(NewID);
     Audience siteAudience = audManager.GetAudience(guid);

And then probably siteAudience.GetMembership();

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Thank you, I think I can manage an answer from that! –  Cristo Sep 2 '11 at 9:00
what in the world is 36? this does not look like a flexible solution to me –  Roman Jun 6 '12 at 23:34

That is useful when you want the first Audience. With those lines I'm inspired to do something like this, which should get me an array with all the audiences:

public Class1(SPListItem item)
    string ID = item[FieldId.AudienceTargeting] as string;
    string audiences = audienceTargeting.Split(';')[0];
    String[] audiencesArray = audiences.split(',');


And then iterate to get the audiences by the guid.

Keeping in mind the sintax of the audience target as it is described here: http://www.sharepoint-tips.com/2011/01/setting-target-audiences-with-code.html

I'll confirm later after testing.

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