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I have few grids on a page. After I edit data in them I press Save button, collect all changes and build Ajax request with changes to server. All works fine, except one thing. After data successfully updated I need to tell grid to redraw and refresh it store, means remove updated / created records from store ( changes displayed as red rectangles in top left corner ).

If I try to remove all records and fill them again I get some ExtJS error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'internalId' of undefined callstack:

  • Ext.define.updateIndexes ext-all-debug.js:58747
  • Ext.define.onAdd ext-all-debug.js:58701
  • Base.callParent ext-all-debug.js:2833
  • Ext.define.onAdd ext-all-debug.js:76400
  • fire ext-all-debug.js:10259
  • Ext.define.fireEvent ext-all-debug.js:13385
  • Ext.define.insert ext-all-debug.js:44663
  • Ext.define.add ext-all-debug.js:44688
  • Ext.define.listeners.write OrderEdit.js:560
  • fire ext-all-debug.js:10259
  • Ext.define.fireEvent ext-all-debug.js:13385
  • Ext.define.onProxyWrite ext-all-debug.js:43978
  • Ext.define.onBatchOperationComplete ext-all-debug.js:44005
  • fire ext-all-debug.js:10259
  • Ext.define.fireEvent ext-all-debug.js:13385
  • onProxyReturn ext-all-debug.js:51056
  • Ext.define.processResponse ext-all-debug.js:26205
  • (anonymous function) ext-all-debug.js:26397
  • Ext.apply.callback ext-all-debug.js:5022
  • Ext.define.onComplete ext-all-debug.js:21028
  • Ext.define.onStateChange ext-all-debug.js:20979
  • (anonymous function) ext-all-debug.js:1503

Is there any other way to do it correctly ?

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to simply redraw the grid and get rid of those red rectangles ... just use commit() function for the records that have been updated or created. This normally should work.

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huh.. finally ! It works like a charm now.. thx ! –  mastak Sep 1 '11 at 14:24

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