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I don't understand how can I add images for order with corona sdk (front, top, middle). I mean like cocos2d I can add example [self addChild:bg z:-1]; [self addChild:nextSprite z:1]; [self addChild:secondSprite z:2]; etc. But there is no z:number value with corona sdk..

All what I have noticed is that when I add newImage it come top with previous newImage..do I have to done that with groups..or what..

I got this problem that when orientation change, background image change as well..but when the image change it hide all buttons..(=come top of screen and hides all other objects under)..

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newbie? then you have to refer this!! learningcorona.com –  vnshetty Dec 15 '11 at 4:10

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To give a specific answer, I solved this problem by creating initial groups and then adding images to those groups as needed.

local bgGroup = display.newGroup() -- renders first
local midGroup = display.newGroup()
local nearGroup = display.newGroup() -- renders last, over other groups

-- create images/etc

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As you found out, Corona does not have explicit z-ordering. Objects are displayed exactly in the order they appear in the group. You can re-insert an object at a particular index if you want to change the order it's drawn, but that's about it.

If you have a specific problem you're having trouble solving, I would recommend you post it as a separate question along with some sample source code. But in general, if you're adding a new image and you want it to go in back of existing images, simply use group:insert specifying an index of 1.

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hope you got my point.

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