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I was browsing this question and I saw the answer (accepted one); mentions many information: ASP.NET, Ruby, SharePoint, CSS, and so on.

My question though is 'can I create my blog with Ruby?', 'Is it useful to use CSS for my new forum?', 'Can I use Javascript to create my relationships site?'...

There are many languages, environments, technologies to create a site though which one is for which site?

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This is a very subjective question. But to attempt an answer, No one but you can tell which programming language to use.

A nice article explains a little here about picking a language for a website. it is important that you consider all aspects prior to choosing what language you are programming in. Making the wrong choice could cause to you to forfeit features and/or have to rewrite code.

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Yes, you can create a blog with Ruby on rails, look here for more information.

Yes, it's useful to use css with your forum, you need styling to make your forum attractive.

Javascript is for client side programming, you'll have a server side and a client side and client side events will be handled by Javascript.

However, if you want a quick solution you can use Conent Management Systems (CMS), like Wordpress or Joomla.

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