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I am building a geolocation based app and i want to know which data type is best for storing lat/long i am using doubleValue but i think we can be more precise like 10 decimal places .

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double is the value used by the iOS itself. iOS uses CLLocationDegrees to represent lat/long values which is a typedef of double.

IMO, using double/CLLocationDegrees would be the best choice.

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Why not use CLLocationDegrees? – deanWombourne Sep 1 '11 at 12:14
CLLocationDegrees is just a typedef for double. But seeing the latest comment from Dean it would be beter to use the CLLocationDegrees – rckoenes Sep 1 '11 at 12:16
@deanWombourne, ;-) Of course. I have already mentioned that CLLocationDegrees is a typedef of double. – EmptyStack Sep 1 '11 at 12:16
My point is that you shouldn't care what it is - it might change in later versions of the SDK (OK, in this case pretty unlikely but you get my point!). – deanWombourne Sep 1 '11 at 12:18
Alright. Anyway, I don't think there are chances that Apple unnecessarily change CLLocationDegress from double to some other type as double is more than enough to hold the lat/long degrees. – EmptyStack Sep 1 '11 at 12:29

Looking at the definition of CLLocationCoordinate2D:

typedef struct {
    CLLocationDegrees latitude;
    CLLocationDegrees longitude;

and then the location of CLLocationDegrees;

typedef double CLLocationDegrees;

we can see that the precision is given as double. Thus, you can't make it better than that.

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There's already an answer to that in the iOS SDK :)

Take a look at CLLocationCoordinate2D - it's used by CoreLocation to store it's lat/lngs using the CLLocationDegrees type. If that's the accuracy CoreLocation gives you then that's a accuarate as it's going to get!

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No it will not, because the lat/long iOS will use is also a double.

 *  CLLocationDegrees
 *  Discussion:
 *    Type used to represent a latitude or longitude coordinate in degrees under the WGS 84 reference
 *    frame. The degree can be positive (North and East) or negative (South and West).  
typedef double CLLocationDegrees;
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