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I have used the facebook like button for over a year now with no problem.

Recently after i changed some themes on my wordpress page i noticed that the like button was, visible, but no longer working, ie not counting and not linking back to facebook.

I started from scratch and made a new facebook App, with the new ID key for my website.

I entered all the details into the 'facebook like' plugin on wordpress as i had in the past.

This is not working and when i go to facebook debug utility and enter my URL in :

i receive this error :

App ID does not match domain

The app ID specified within the "fb:app_id" meta tag is not allowed on this domain. You must setup the Connect Base Domains for your app to be a prefix of

i do not have the original app id for my website when it used to work, and was wondering if its even possible to just scap an old ID and start a new app linking to that website, or if u can only have the one APP ID per website.



Fetched URL


Data Source

Data Source

Data Source

Data Source

Data Source

Extracted 1 values from :

Data Source

Data Source

Data Source

"" extracted from Our normalised version of the url


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Create a new Facebook App ID with this url: and use that instead.

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