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is there any plug in for redmine, to display linked changesets for a specific issue? I specified Repository (Mercurial) and I would like to see changesets clicking to an Issue.

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You don't need a plugin for this - it's built-in. All you need to do when committing to your repository is to enter the issue number preceded by a # in your message.

For an example, check out an issue on the redmine web site:

There's a column containing Associated revisions which contains source control changesets. They appear on this issue because they have #6317 in their message.

Depending on the configuration of redmine, a keyword before the issue number is needed in order to have the changeset linked to the issue. Those keywords can be modified in the settings of redmine:

redmine settings

Examples for the above settings:

  • refs #1234
  • references #1234, #1337
  • issue #1234 #1337 & #1001

If you'd like to omit keywords and simply link a changeset to all issue numbers found in the log message, enter a * into the Referencing keywords textbox.

Finally, in order to have redmine check for new changesets and parse the repository's log messages, you'll need to click on the Repository tab, or configure a rake task to do it regularly.

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Ok, It is really working, there are some keywords available to specify in comment when you making a commit change to repository, for referencing issues: refs, references, IssueID for fixing issues: fixes, closes RedmineSettings – Alexei Sep 2 '11 at 11:12
It worked for me using keywork "refs", example: refs #232 – Alexei Sep 4 '11 at 6:06
@Alexei Of course you're right - I added some lines concerning keywords as well as some examples to the answer. If you prefer no keywords, try the configuration with a * (that's how seems to be configured). – marapet Sep 4 '11 at 9:36

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