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I have 2 text fields. One is for the input of a member's id, and the other is the output of the member's name.

When I type a member's id in the first field and the action onblur is triggered, I would like to show the member's name in the other field.

This is my Javascript function:

function show_name(){
          id = document.getElementById('id_member').value;
          field_name = document.getElementById("name_member");

          field_name.value = "<%= Member.find().nom %>";

In the method Member.find() I would like to send the value of the variable id that I've declared at the beginning. Example:

field_name.value = "<%= Member.find(*Javascript "ID" variable value*).nom %>";

How can I insert that value into my Ruby injection?


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Javascript is run on the client, ruby is run on the server. You can't pass a javascript variable into the ruby code, unless you make a new request to the server.

Your options are to reload the whole page with a new query, use ajax to make a new query and do something with the result, or to download all possible Members into the page ahead of time and have javascript pull it out of the page somehow.

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Ok thanks a lot! I'll try this ! –  TW147 Sep 1 '11 at 13:08

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