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I'm using Netbeans 7 and programming PHP. I was wondering if anyone knew of a keyboard shortcut to jump out of quotations marks and parenthesis (besides the right arrow key). For example I would like to type a quotation, type some text, then:

"my cursor would be here -> |" 

Then hit tab or something equivalent to jump outside of the quotations:

"some text"| <- my cursor would now be here

Is this possible to accomplish using netbeans?

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With most IDEs if the closing quotation mark is automatically inserted by the IDE, I just type it again and the cursor is out without actually keying in a duplicate quotation mark or parentheses. Isn't it the same in Netbeans? I'm not familiar with it. –  qingbo Sep 1 '11 at 13:24

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Type the second (end) quote. Netbeans realizes what's going on and does exactly what you describe.

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