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i was wondering how i can catch a koala oauth exception (for example user password reset).

right now this is what i have / use so far:

rescue_from Koala::Facebook::APIError do
  # redirect to fb auth dialog

but this catches all errors.. how i can do that with just oauth or only password reset?


found out a more explicit solution to the problem:

rescue_from Koala::Facebook::APIError do |exception|
  if exception.fb_error_type == 190
    # password reset - redirect to auth dialog
    raise "Facebook Error: #{exception.fb_error_type}"

thanks in advance oliver

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I will show you some code I have, and how I manage to catch and rescue from Koala exceptions:

def post_message_facebook_wall(message)
    unless self.token.nil?
        facebook_graph =
        object_from_koala = facebook_graph.put_wall_post(message)
      rescue Koala::Facebook::APIError => exc
        logger.error("Problems posting to Facebook Wall..."+self.inspect+" "+exc.message)

This rescue Koala::Facebook::APIError => exc should do the trick.

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