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I want to change trough configuration (afaik server.xml) the default response buffer size. The documentation states that this is possible using the "bufferSize" attribute inside the "Connector" element but this is not working. I also tried to change "socket.appWriteBufSize" and "socket.appReadBufSize" but no luck:

<Connector port="8080" protocol="HTTP/1.1" 
    redirectPort="8443" />

Note that if I change the response size from my java code (httpResponse.setBufferSize(64000)) it will work, but for good reason I want to use the standard tomcat configuration mechanism.

All tests were done using a freshly downloaded Tomcat.

Any suggestion?

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So no way to fix this apparently. Took a look at the code, but apparently the buffer is contructed with a default size carved into the code.

So, the only way to solve this, is to use Response::setBufferSize() from your code.

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