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I'm trying to access a third-party COM server from within Powerbuilder. I can instantiate the object but whenever I try to call a method or a property on the object I get error 36: "name not found accessing external object".

OLEObject PNSession
PNSession = CREATE OLEObject
ll_status = PNSession.ConnectToNewObject("PNSrv9.PNSession")
if ll_status = 0 then
    // Set the session printer
       PNSession.SetSessionPrinter('TIFF Image Printer 9.0', 1, g_pfapp.null_string, False)
    catch (oleruntimeerror lole_error2)
        messagebox('Set Error', lole_error2.description)
    end try

    // Turn job tracking on
    PNSession.TrackingOn = True
end if

The ConnectToNewObject call succeeds and I see the COM server in my Task Manager, but subsequent calls fail. The above looks correct based on all the COM automation code samples for Word, Excel that I looked at.

The COM server is a C++ ATL COM Server, not a .NET COM object if that makes any difference.

Does anyone have an idea why this isn't working or what I am missing?


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This might be a misleading error message. IIRC, if the COM server throws an exception, it might cause PB to think the call failed for the wrong reason. According to SetSessionPrinter documentation, it might throw for several reasons. Are you sure it doesn't? I know being sure here is hard, but at least according to the specified conditions for throwing. –  eran Sep 1 '11 at 14:26

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You probably don't have the parameter types correct. Looking at SetSessionPrinter, I would try passing 0 for PortsPreCreated. For PortBaseName try a string initialized to "" and also try 0.

Similarly, try PNSession.TrackingOn = 0.

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Thanks for the feedback. I was working on this problem with a client and they have changed their approach so as to not use the COM object from within Powerbuilder. I will keep you suggestions in mind for in-house testing. –  geekgrrl71 Sep 12 '11 at 14:48

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