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Facebook seems to have a concept called "Stream Attachments". See

This document says: "You can add a lot of rich information to a stream story by including an attachment" Reading this document, it seems a "Stream Attachment" can contain media such as "images", "flash" and "music" (MP3s).

Here are my questions:

  1. Is "Stream Story" synonymous to "Post"?
  2. What is the URL to attach a Stream Attachment to a specific stream story?
  3. In case you use the "media" field, you must provide a JSON structure with all required data. How do you format this JSON structure to http-post it to some receiving URL?
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Yes stream story is what you would call a post.

You can make a post three ways:

1 Make an graph api call from your server to fb

It's basically a post to with a bunch of arguments for the various elements of the post.

If you want flash then add

2 Use fbjs to pop a ui dialog

This has the advantage that the user can preview the post and add a message. You used to be able to populate the message using the graph api, but people spammed it so fb is remvoing that.

3 Direct the user to a url on fb that displays a feed dialog.

This is probably the easiest way.

Note, it won't let me put links so I removed all the http:// above

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The Stream Attachments page names fields which are not listed on the Post page. For instance href and media. I'm interested in the media field, because it suggests it's possible to embed an MP3 player in posts. How'd I do this using an HTTP request? – Abdull Sep 3 '11 at 10:51

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