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The input file to my hadoop M/R job is a text file in which the records are separated by tab character '\t' instead of newline '\n'. How can I instruct hadoop to split using the tab character as by default it splits around newlines and each line in the text file is taken as a record.

One way to do it is to use a custom input format class that uses a filter stream to convert all tabs in the original stream to newlines. But this does not look elegant.

Another way would be to use java.util.Scanner with tab as the separator. But I cannot figure out how to use the java.util.Scanner class in the input format classes.

What is the best approach and alternatives?

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Maybe I'm missing something, but couldn't you get around this by putting your records on different lines? As opposed to: record1 \t record2 \t etc.. Using: record1 \n record2 That is - if you can control what your input format is. Otherwise you'll need to change the input format and record reader classes. –  SubSevn Sep 2 '11 at 17:54
I can't change the input file. It is used by other applications as well. –  nabeelmukhtar Sep 3 '11 at 4:32
Then you will probably have to do what the already posted answer said. –  SubSevn Sep 6 '11 at 18:21

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Values '\r' and '\n' hard-coded in org.apache.hadoop.util.LineReader class, so you can't use TextInputFormat with tab-separated records. But it is not difficult to implement own InputFormat with special LineReader class. The simplest solution is to copy-paste TextInputFormat, LineRecordReader and LineReader classes, move them to your package and change LineReader implementation.

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