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Is there a graphical way to create/manipulate/view special database types in PgAdmin?

For example, in PostgreSQL we have:

CREATE TYPE compfoo AS (f1 int, f2 text);

I’ve noticed pgAdmin almost shows everything graphically, such as triggers, views, functions, and of course tables, but I couldn’t find the types that I created.

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You just need to enable viewing types through menu File → Options... → Browser and checking Types:

enter image description here

According to pgAdmin's documentation:

The list of check boxes is used to select which object types to show in the browser tree. By default, only the most commonly used object types are shown. Reducing the number of object types shown can increase the speed of pgAdmin when querying the system catalogs. Use the Default button to reset the list to its default settings.

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Thanks... just a note: for PgAdmin III, you need to access this via pgAdmin3 → Preferences → Browser(tab) –  Larry Sep 1 '11 at 14:47

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