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I've just created my first view-based NSTableView in Interface Builder and I've correctly set up the data source and the bindings to update the views in the tableview. Each view has two labels and a NSProgressIndicator. Updating the progress indicator through the bindings and the data source works perfectly, but I'd like to change its state from determinate to indeterminate at some time. As my NSTableCellView subclass has access to the progress indicator, how can I get access to the cell view at a given row index? I've tried calling viewAtColumn:row:makeIfNecessary: on the tableview with both NO and YES for the makeIfNecessary argument, but neither seems to work.

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I am not sure about the answer to your main question but you can bind the indeterminate state as well. In IB Is Indeterminate is listed in the Parameters section.

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Even if this is not the answer to my question, you've solved my problem ;-) – Nickkk Sep 2 '11 at 8:20

Solution 1: In your NSTableCellView subclass add a property (IBOutlet) for your NSProgressIndicator control. Wire it in IB to set the property when the view is loaded. You can then access the progress control in your cell view subclass by using the property.

Solution 2: In IB give your NSProgressIndicator a unique integer tag. In your cell view subclass use [self viewWithTag:] to get the object.

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