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I am using the Graph API in order to obtain public posts which contain the keyword passed as query parameter (the call syntax is like this :`)

By reading the results, I think that I only retrieve public statuses.

I wonder if it is possible to obtain some posts on a fan page or a group (considering that the fan page and the groups are public)?

Updated edit from OP

What I would like to know is that if there are conditions or parameters that make the publications on a page fan wall or on a group wall available by querying the graph API ? (Is there a number of fans required, a number of group members ? Are there some privacy settings which make publications unavailable thanks to the graph API ? Are there page fan categories for which publications are avalaible are others for which they are unavailable ? etc...).

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Yes, if you have the object id then you can just get the feed and other connections for it. It needs an access token though, so you have to authorize a user for it.

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Hello Tom, firstly, thanks for your answer. – Buzz Watcher Sep 13 '11 at 7:00

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