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We are creating a internet site (with anonymous access) in SharePoint 2010. One of the features requested is a discussion forum (not anonymous). We very much want to use the built in SharePoint Discussion Board (the look is dull, but we are OK with it). What I don't quite understand is how to implement user authentication and creation. Will every user have that participates in the discussion be a domain user? If I use a different authentication provider, how do I integrate external roles to SharePoint roles/permissions. Any tips or links on how to implement user management for public SharePoint sites would be great. Thanks.

Similar question, but not what I was looking for:

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Perhaps I didn't search well enough (or didn't use the correct terms) but I eventually found what I was looking for: SharePoint 2010 FBA Pack. With this, I am able to create all my users via SharePoint and manage permissions using the role provider. Very easy and powerful solution.

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